About The Writer

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Updated 13/09/2018:

My name is Mich and I have a lot of wanderlust (a strong desire to travel), hence the blog name (also the Instagram name). ✈️

I chose the name "wanderlust" years ago in 2012 and have since despaired over how basic the word is now.  In this blog, you will mostly see posts on places I have physically been in, which include but are not limited to different countries, cities I have been to, villages I find myself in, restaurants, theme parks, museums, beaches, hills, mountains, etcetera.🚝

I also like to write about topics like current events, Asian (Malaysian) society, Asian culture, feminism, and basically any other thoughts under the sun. So really, I hope you like rants.

In addition, I also like to read and write fiction, mostly in the vein of YA and fantasy - I identify primarily as a writer.

In real life, I work in PR in Malaysia. I dream of living a quiet life with no drama or worries - just travelling to my favourite places, eating good food, and reading beautiful books.

If you like what you read here and want to work together in any capacity (writing, mainly), please e-mail me at  michxwanderlust@gmail.com if you have any queries/ business proposals. 😊 I take on freelance writing/ copywriting/ translating as well!