I Took a Stay-cation at a 5-star Hotel in the Middle of a Pandemic

As a general rule, I love staying at home. However, the past 2 months have proven to me that I only love staying at home IF I GET TO BE ALONE. With everyone in the household unable to go out and staying in All The Time, my nerves have been consistently trampled by their presence.

I have started muttering for weeks about how it wouldn't be COVID-19 that kills me if this goes on much longer.


To regain some form of sanity, I decided to go stay at a 5-star hotel in the city for 4 days and 3 nights, JUST TO BE ALONE. I was fully prepared to spend all that time in my hotel room and not go out. I don't think it's responsible to go out now unless it's essential, but my mental health also desperately needed me to be by myself. A hotel room was my best compromise.

I can fully understand why domestic abuse cases go up when everyone's in quarantine and have to see each other All The Time. 

I'm just saying.

So off to the hotel I went. It was clear from the get-go that I was one of the very few hotel guests around during the CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order). I got off my ride and the hotel staff immediately identified me by my name, which was slightly unnerving.

I even got a room tour, a platter of fruits, and a box of chocolates to welcome me. 

This would never happen during 'normal' times, especially as I was staying in the cheapest room. 😂 I really chose this hotel only because I got a discount, too. Otherwise there would be NO WAY I would get to stay for 3 nights here at less than RM1,000. 

My mental health is also dependent on the contents of my bank account.

hotel bathroom

In the middle of a pandemic, I of course packed:

1) hand sanitiser, 
2) masks, and 
3) antibacterial wipes. 

Confession: I used the antibacterial wipes to wipe down surfaces in the room, and was satisfied that not a speck of dust came up. I didn't have to bring a hand sanitiser either, for it was provided by the hotel in the box of amenities. 

As soon as I was alone in my hotel room, I could feel my mood improve immediately. I was like a drained battery that was plugged into a charger, just by not having to listen to anybody's sounds, feel anybody's presence, or feel tense waiting for the next interaction I had to have.

Yes. Despite the sudden blow to my bank account, it was the right choice.

hotel room
hotel bed

Apart from the bathtub (I used 3 bath bombs in 3 days 😂), this bed was where I spent all my time in the hotel. I played Animal Crossing on Switch, watched anime on my laptop, scrolled through videos on my phone, and only left my room for Food I Wanted to Have, Whenever I Wanted to Have It.

When you live in a home where you do not get to call the shots about what you want to eat, but have to eat whatever is communal and cleans out the fridge, this entire concept (Food I Wanted to Have, Whenever I Wanted to Have It) is a blessing. Mentaiko pasta? Just go out and get it. Burgers? Okay, enjoy. Just feel like sitting on your bed to eat chips and drink chuhai? You do that. 

Breakfast was provided as well. Usually it would be a breakfast buffet, but given recent circumstances and how hotel occupancy was really low - I was the only one at breakfast - I could only order from the breakfast menu.



After the first day I pretty much customised what I wanted to eat, instead of the set breakfast that was served to me, This amount of food was too much for me as breakfast, and I cut it down by half on the second day.

hotel breakfast

fresh orange juice

I was confused at the concept of being given hot (???) milk to go with my cereal, but truly appreciated the freshly squeezed juice and plate of sliced fruits. 

Throughout the entire 4 days and 3 nights, I did go out at least once a day to get supplies for myself. However, it was a pain to constantly get my temperature checked at every entrance, and to have my steps traced by having to scan a QR code every time I wanted to enter a store. I wrote down a shopping list and strictly stuck to it, never lingering in the mall the way I would have pre-pandemic.

Instead, I spent most of my time in my quiet hotel room, occasionally hearing the sounds of hotel staff cleaning outside, but always feeling at peace knowing that they wouldn't barge into my room to demand I do this, that, and the other. 


It is hard to adequately explain how much I appreciate things like having my privacy respected, and how much more relaxed I feel upon not having to answer to anybody, or have to interact with them. 

It comes from a lifetime of always having to put other people first - their expectations, their hopes, not daring to fail at all - and sacrificing a lot of my own dreams, just trying to shrink myself down so that nobody notices me lest they make me sacrifice more of my time, just so that I can be by myself.

By just not having little annoyances happen over and again - like people banging on the bathroom door asking if you're done already, or just asking in A Tone That Irritates Me about my snacking habits 'you said you wanted to lose weight and here you are eating chips' - I could feel my mood lift immensely.


Twin towers hotel view

I started to feel anxious again on the last day, especially when the time to check out got nearer. This entire quarantine had proven to me that I had a personality best suited to living alone, or at least, with people I was not related to. 

I had always known that, of course, but these past couple of months had that amplified to me. 

The entire COVID-19 thing threw my initial plans for 2020 into disarray, which was to hop from country to country while I worked remotely. With the way things are going, I do not know when I will get to do that either (thanks, stupid virus), since I am currently banned from flying and other countries won't allow me in.

I am still hoping that I will get to do that eventually. I am watching the news like a hawk, hoping at the very least that Asian borders will open up this year to other Asian countries. 

I really need to get out. Otherwise it wouldn't be COVID-19 that... yeah, you get the drill. 

I suppose I could always take another staycation to balance my mental health again, but really, I am just done with this quarantine life. If a second wave happens, I hope at least I'll be somewhere else when the second quarantine is announced. I don't want this anymore.