How I Spent RM500+ on Food in 4D3N in Bangkok, Thailand: Nara, The Never Ending Summer, Fire & Dine, and Greyhound Cafe

Hi yes, I'm still alive.

Barely, but I'm still typing, so yay.

Also I just got back from Bangkok, Thailand, which I assume you will be able to get from the title of this post.

Ah, yes, the title of this post.

After two days of throwing myself back into work, I decided to calculate how much exactly I have spent for my 4D3N weekend trip to Bangkok.

The results? Mind-blowing! Shocking! I need to work harder!

Results: I have spent RM500+ on food only in Thailand, for three brunches and three dinners.

That is, give or take, around RM85+ to RM100+ per meal on average.

This is an amazing feat in Thailand, where street food usually cost RM5 - RM10.

Now that I am back to my senses in Malaysia and have realized what I have done, I feel...


Money is made to be spent, although I have to admit I went a little overboard in Bangkok.

You see, I was afflicted with "I Deserve This" disease ever since Quarter 4 2019 started.

Quarter 4, being that of the months of October to December, and usually my most hated time of the year. The most magical time of the year is only magical for rich people. The rest of us continue to be slaves to peak capitalism.

But I digress.

After working hard and late into the nights for weeks, and falling sick from stress, I decided that "I Deserve This" enough to have a weekend bourgeois trip to Bangkok Thailand.

I would fly in a non-budget airline (I remember ranting about how much I don't want to go back to Don Mueang and yes Suvarnabhumi IS SO MUCH BETTER).

I would sleep in a 5-star hotel.

I would eat only in air-conditioned restaurants (or at least in a chill place where I did not have to sweat over my food).

I would have a massage in a fancy spa.

I would take GrabCar.

Now that I am back from my trip and have calculated how much I have spent for each segment of the trip, I am left feeling a little stunned at the money flow - flowing out.

Every meal was a boon from the gods though so really...



Here is an ode to the food that kept me nourished and going through several food comas in Bangkok for a weekend. You will be missed until I get to go back to Bangkok again.


I have always liked Nara ever since I first tried it in Bangkok last year, at Api Nara Thai Cuisine and Bar in CentralWorld.

After reading glowing reviews for Nara in Icom Siam, I knew I wanted it to be my first meal in Thailand after I landed. In fact, I had it twice - once for dinner, and once for brunch.

What can I say? I'm loyal when you treat me well, and the food at Nara has always treated me well. 💁🏻

First, though, the night view from the terrace of this branch of Nara? Amazing.

This view was just lovely to look at throughout the entire meal. For a lesser restaurant, they may have needed the view to distract from average food, but not for Nara, though.

I definitely needed to order the tom yum soup from Nara. In fact, I had it twice throughout my trip.

Look at them. Just look at them, and bask in all their glory.

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my laptop.

The first night, I had the soup with shrimp. Later on during brunch, I had it with the river prawns (which is the menu version).

They were both so good and creamy I wished the broth never ended. It filled me up from within, lifted my spirits up, and gave me life into my weary bones.

I really, really, really like tom yum soup, as you may be able to tell. Just this and jasmine rice was enough to make me happy.

The rest of the menu is not shabby too, if you have enough room to squeeze them in.

The sharing platter was good, but instead of that, I JUST have to talk about this pad thai. It came in a much larger plate than I had envisioned, had egg floss, nuts, bean sprouts, shrimp, and lime.

Each ingredient came together so harmoniously in the mouth that I almost wept, except I was already done weeping over how good the tom yum soup was. The little extra crunch from the nuts and egg floss gave it a great mouthfeel.

I also got crispy shrimp cakes. They were so adequately crunchy on the outside and so beautifully tender on the inside, they would have made great boyfriend material. Who doesn't love a gruff man with a tender heart and all, right?

The prices at Nara can be on the higher end, but I would willingly pay again and again for this on a monthly basis if it were available in Malaysia.

Thank you, Nara, for the happiness. Thank you.

The Never Ending Summer

This was where my wallet took a violent pummel. So did my taste buds, from the deliciousness of it all.

I had never been to The Never Ending Summer, but it was recommended by my Thai colleagues, as well as numerous strangers on the Internet.

So I went.

I PROBABLY should have checked the prices first. Even a plate of stir-fried egg glass noodles could cost 280 baht, which was almost RM40.

RM40! For noodles!

Hey Malaysian currency, how dare you be so weak.

This was fancy dining, all right - the type of place you'd go to for special occasions.

Well, I was a special occasion, so I would eat...

... and eat I did, while ignoring the prices for each dish that ranged from 280 baht to 720 baht.

Can't see, can't convert, don't understand the prices, la di da.

Glass noodles, grilled beef, and barramundi. Each dish packed a punch, from the noodles best devoured piping hot, to the tender and fleshy barramundi. The beef was also mouth-watering, with the juices and fat melting away my brain.

Yes, this was an expensive restaurant, but every dish was just.... perfect. I slipped into a satisfactory food coma as I ate, which was probably the intention of the restaurant if you ask me. My food coma prevented my brain from protesting when it saw the bill.

"Woman, are you crazy?" it probably screamed, except the voice was all muted and tinny.

My stomach, however, was appeased. Sometimes we just have to listen to what the stomach wants, brain.

Due to its prices and one location I can't say that I would definitely go back to The Never Ending Summer again when I go back to Bangkok. However, would I like to, though?

Oh yes. Definitely.

Fire & Dine

They warned me about Asiatique before I went. They said it was overpriced and expensive.

I just wanted to see it for myself, though, and so I went one night.



It was a fancy place, and the prices were also pretty fancy. I keep converting Thai baht back to MYR as 100 Thai baht is equivalent to RM10, but it's more like RM14 now.

*stares balefully at Malaysian currency*

Asiatique is best for rich Westerners and East Asians who earn 3 times what I do, and so I do not think I will be returning again.


I did find the best slow-grilled chicken in Asiatique, at the restaurant Fire & Dine.

I was loitering around trying to decide what I could eat, when I saw these chickens rolling over and over in a spit.

Me: Yes.

Me: Yes.

This chicken was so flavourful in every bite, it did not really need the extra condiments that came along with it. I sat there listening to live music, smug with my choice of dinner as the night went on.

Look at me, someone who did not research reviews in Asiatique, and YET STILL MANAGE TO HAVE GOOD FOOD. 😘

I wish this happened more in other aspects of my life.

Greyhound Cafe

All too soon, my trip to Bangkok came to an end. The meal I chose to have before leaving, was at Greyhound Cafe.

There was no sign of street food at all in my meals throughout the trip. 😂 Maybe next time.

I have never felt inclined to go to Greyhound Café in Kuala Lumpur, and yet it has become a place I make an effort to visit in Bangkok.

Well, at least when it's in a mall that I am visiting as well.


Look at this Spaghetti with Crab Meat in Prawn Cream Sauce.

Look at it.

It arrived piping hot, with the steam rising from the pasta like angels harking the arrival of the pleasure that would soon devour me - no, we would devour each other.

I was also really hungry. I took a break from over-eating the night before, and only had watermelon slices while I read Circe by Madeline Miller.

That was also some of the moments I craved from my bourgeouis trip to Bangkok - quiet solitude, and time to read the books I love so desperately and yet had not read for ages due to Real Life Struggles.

As an aside, Circe was amazing, please read.

I was the only one in the café when I first arrived. I appreciated the  quiet time to myself as I ate this creamy and lush pasta, the warmth lingering on on my tongue and in my stomach after each bite.

This is what retirement will be like for me. Books, cafes, good food, and just wandering around a place exploring it.




I also like that Greyhound Cafe offers a complimentary little bun with butter, because that is served slightly warm too. Also, complimentary good food, no matter how tiny, is always welcomed.


This is the tale of how I spent RM500+ on food, and will now be subsidizing on cheap (but delicious) food for the rest of the month until I get my salary. No Xmas or New Year's feasts for me, unless paid for by someone else.

Oh well.

It was nice to be rich for a weekend.

Happy most magical time of the year, readers.  This capitalism slave will now sign out, dreaming of all the food she can spend her money on.