January 2019: I Passed JLPT N2!

People like to say that January feels like the longest month in a year. I disagree. January 2019 flew by so quickly... or maybe it's just that I am getting older.

Anyway. A few things have happened in January, like restarting on some of my lifelong goals. If I had to pick a highlight of January, however, it'd probably be this - OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION THAT I PASSED A TEST I DIDN'T THINK I WOULD PASS.

On 23rd January 2019, I was anxiously waiting for the results for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) to be available online at 9AM (MYT).

Once it hit 9AM, I immediately went to check my results from the December 2018 edition of the test, and found out...

I passed JLPT N2! 

For someone whose only "studying" in the past year consisted of watching Japanese anime and listening to Japanese music, I was so sure I'd fail JLPT N2.

However, when I was taking the exam - despite joking on Instagram about how I'd fail it - I had a sense that I'd pass. After all, if the passing mark for each segment is 19/60, and if you get 90 out of 180 points... you'd still pass JLPT N2.

(I know people say that JLPT passing score requirements are a joke, but hey, you take what you can get)

The exam didn't feel like a breeze, but I didn't feel any sense of panic while taking it either. I had trouble in the beginning segment, but the reading and listening part felt like it went pretty well for me.

I was certain that I'd pass. I just wasn't sure what my total results would be, but...

I honestly wondered if these were my results. 

149 out of 180 means that I achieved 82.8% for N2.


For those not in the know, JLPT consists of 5 levels of proficiency tests. N5 is the lowest, while N1 is the highest. It  looks like this:

N5: Basic
N4: Elementary
N3: Intermediate
N2: Pre-Advanced
N1: Advanced

From these results, I guess it's pretty obvious I need to expand my Japanese vocabulary knowledge, while my prior knowledge in Mandarin absolutely helped my Reading skills.

It's so good to be a polyglot. Apa khabar my people.

I first picked up the Japanese language officially in August 2010 in university, having been exposed to a few years of Japanese through Japanese shows. Now that we're nearing 2020, it's always been a goal of mine to pass N1 before I turn 30... and I'm glad that I'm inching closer to it.

To be honest, I would really love to have full time to study, so that I don't just pass N1, but also at least get 80%, like how I did for N2 (a complete miracle by my standards, considering I had a new job last year to get used to, and also not much will or motivation throughout the year if you ask me).

This was definitely the highlight of my January 2019 - knowing that I have certification to prove that I am now good enough to work in Japan. Most of the job requirements for foreigners that I saw back in my early 20s were for people with N2 certification - and here I am, officially N2-certified in 2019.

I may or may not work in Japan like I wanted to back then, but it's nice to know I can if I want to.

... Japan, will you take me? I'm a pretty good Jap-Eng translator, as well as absolute Japan travel enthusiast! ;)

My next goal in my Japanese proficiency goals is to take N1 at the end of this year. While I know that that will take more studying than just watching a few Japanese shows and music, I'm ready to at least try.


What's your highlight, February 2019?