Yes, I Need to "Lose Weight". Here's Why.

I remember the day I decided to put myself on a more rigorous exercise and diet plan in 2017.

I had just come back from Melbourne.

I was already fairly unhappy that I had gained so much weight in the past few months due to my dining choices after having to work from 10AM - 7PM, and generally eating only at 8PM after arriving home.

In the week back home, relatives were visiting, which meant eating more rich food every night even though I didn't want to.

"You can lose weight anytime!"

At the end of it all, I became...


My BMI was still under the normal range, but I was NOT happy. My clothes were tighter, I could barely fit into my shorts, and there were dresses I loved that I bought in my early 20s but could no longer wear because I couldn't even zip them up.


I had two choices. I could:

a) buy more clothes that I actually fit into now that I have gained more weight, OR
b) I go lose the extra inches and weight.

Obviously, I chose b).

Adulthood already made me miserable, I'll be danged if I allowed the miserable parts of adulthood make me gain weight too. 

Plus, I didn't want to buy new clothes in new sizes. Clothes cost a lot, you know. Short of being pregnant and having to be responsible for growing a human or two in my belly, I will be hard-pressed to want to buy clothes in new sizes.

I marched over to my colleague, who I knew hiked on weekends, and appointed her as my "Exercise and Diet Guardian".

Behold, the results.

I got hiking shoes, athletic wear, bought a Fitbit, used my stationary elliptical bike at least 5 times a week - needless to say, I embraced the idea of "exercising daily" hard.

I also stopped having meals after 7PM in general, apart from special occasions.

By the end of 2017, I dropped down to 53.5KG - and 1.5KG was gained because I didn't stop eating in Japan when I was there for 9 days in December.

It took me 8 months to get rid of 4KG. 

At the moment, despite the fact that I can already fit into most of my clothes, I am still maintaining the lifestyle I started in 2017.

This has caused people around me to become fairly... shall I say, unhappy?

Common statements I now hear are: 

1. "You're already disappearing, why are you still exercising so much?"

2. "You're not fat! You should eat more!"

3. "You don't eat *insert food name here*, but you eat *insert food name here*, that's what will make you gain weight, not the former!"


One. If my current frame can be equated to "disappearing", then the majority of the social media content creators in the world who are popular have already disappeared.

Two. I agree I'm not fat. I also agree that I can be NOT FAT and also REJECT FOOD despite being NOT FAT, because mostly, I am NOT HUNGRY.

Three. This argument annoys me so much. If I reject a bowl of rice, but am happy to have ice-cream, suddenly it's all "ICE-CREAM IS MORE FATTENING THAN RICE".

... and? So I need to have the rice and reject the ice-cream, when I really want the ice-cream and not really the rice? What?

When I say I want to watch what I'm eating, I basically mean "I want to eat what I want to eat, WITHOUT overdoing it". It doesn't mean that I stop eating burgers, fries, and shakes. Maybe I just eat less.


Honestly, when people start telling me that I do not need to "lose weight", which is the simplest term I can come up with to explain why I'm exercising far more than they are, I want to say that I do.

Here is are a few "shocking" revelations as to why I need to "lose weight": 

1. I LIKE the way I feel after exercising,

2. I LIKE getting fresh air when I go hiking,

3. Yes, I DO LIKE fitting into my clothes and continuing to maintain my physique, and

4. I want to have a healthy relationship with food i.e. not forced into eating food I DON'T want to eat, thank you very much, and be able to have the food I do like without feeling guilty.

All these, primarily, are reasons why I keep telling people I need to "lose weight". It's the easiest term to use to tell them to leave me alone, but then...

1. "You're already disappearing, why are you still exercising so much?"

2. "You're not fat! You should eat more!"

3. "You don't eat *insert food name here*, but you eat *insert food name here*, that's what will make you gain weight, not the former!"


I don't know if it's an Asian thing, but people.

Stop worrying about whether I'm eating or not.


There are legit starving people, who have no idea where their next meal will come from, to worry about. Please redirect your concerns about my appetite and exercise life to people who actually need it.

People can start worrying about me if my weight dips to below 40KG - which is... not happening. Please see food Instagram account, as above. Also see the part where I said it took me 8 months to get rid of 4KG HEALTHILY.

So people, don't even get started on how I don't need to exercise so much or how I can eat more, and asking me why I'm doing that, AND then feel unhappy when I give you the simplest answer as to "why" I want to exercise and "why" I'm not eating as much as you think I should.

I πŸ‘ Am πŸ‘ Fine πŸ‘ And πŸ‘ I πŸ‘ Am πŸ‘ Exercising πŸ‘ And πŸ‘ Eating πŸ‘ Appropriately πŸ‘ ThankπŸ‘ You πŸ‘ Bye!