Infinity Aroma Massage at Infinity Spa, Bangkok

My TripAdvisor browsing, when I searched for massages in Bangkok, showed me Infinity Spa.

Sometimes I think I rely on TripAdvisor too much, BUT with this spa given the Certificate of Excellence, and practically new rave reviews on a weekly basis, I gave in to the hype and reserved a slot for both M and me two months before we actually went to Bangkok.

I can be efficient when I want to be.

On the website, I picked the 120 minute Infinity Aroma Massage, which is their signature treatment. It combines both Thai massage and aromatherapy massage, with an aroma blend of your choosing and herbal heat compression later on.

At 1,890 baht for two hours, it is certainly costly for Bangkok. I am fairly certain that at places without such fancy settings, you can easily get a two hour massage for 1,000 baht or even less.

For a trip to pamper ourselves, though, only the best would do (and we'd just live in poverty for the rest of the month), and so we decided on Infinity Spa anyway.

I have no regrets, because...


I totally love the interior design of this place, as well as its location. Well, not in terms of the distance from Novotel Platinum to this place, considering traffic to get to the spa was pretty bad (as usual), BUT it was located in a quiet alley. In fact, we stopped right behind the spa and walked to get to the next street, which was car-free and just pavements.

As soon as I walked in, we were ushered to seats. Infinity Spa is well-aware of their status among tourists, and they immediately spoke to me in English (clearly being a tourist and all). We were then given a welcome drink and some watermelon slices, like this:

Is this a spa for the Instagram crowd? Yes, yes it is. We should just call it the Instagram Spa.

This spa isn't just picture perfect, though... the massage session was also relaxing. You can request for your preferred level of pressure, as well as where to focus on during the massage.

My only regret was self-made; I really felt the effects of consuming too much liquid for lunch about 30 minutes before the end of the massage.

Afterwards, as we were led out of our own massage spaces (M got a room, and I got a partition - birthday girl gets the nice perks), we were also served a hot drink with mango slices.

Perfect. For a trip to pamper ourselves, the price was worth it. I'd like to come back again, as it ticked all the boxes for me - cleanliness, professional staff who know what they're doing, and a gorgeous setting to really relax in.

I left feeling pretty serene, and this feeling lasted right up all the way until I had really bad fish and chips in Bangkok for dinner.

I'd definitely love to come back again to Instag-, I mean, Infinity Spa the next time I'm in Bangkok. I really need a massage again...