Boring: I am "Boring" and I Like It

I  haven't really thought about it before, but I guess a lot of my favourite words starts with B.




Bankrolled (I still need a bankroller!).

I am also, well, Boring! 

Like, there should be a picture of me in the dictionary under Boring, lying in bed in my pajamas with a book, my hair a mess, a sheet mask on my face, and a speech bubble over my head like: "THIS IS MY IDEA OF A PARTY, YOU GUYS! (now leave me alone)."


I wasn't always like this. I used to desperately wish I was cool, that I led an exciting lifestyle, that I would throw parties and more people would want to hang out with me.

Now that I have left high school for more than a decade (and thank God for that), I now look back and think:

"Wow, what is wrong with you, teen Mich?" 

In my 20s, I have totally turned into the Grinch.


People used to say that I would one day want to try smoking cigarettes (eh, nah), grow to love drinking (eh, nah), and want to go clubbing once I achieved adult freedom (eh, nah).

If those things are the cool, exciting things to do, I'm afraid I'm just a bore.

I don't know, I never had the urge to do any of those things desperately. I've done some of them, and while drinking is fine once in a while, my few experiences with clubbing made me feel like:

"Wait, people do this for fun?" 

My idea of fun is as above - staying in at home and reading, writing, surfing the Net, and watching Netflix.

My Prime Minister may have overthrown the longest-ruling government in the world at the age of 92 (turning 93), but I can't even muster the strength to want to go out the next night after going for dinner the night before at 29-ish.

Like, I'm sure life is great for those who go out and make things exciting, and they get all the Instagram followers while I don't, and that's great for them if they enjoy it.


I just want to say that THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING BORING TOO, if you want to be.

If there's fat-shaming, slut-shaming, poverty-shaming, there's also... boring-shaming.

There is SUCH a disrespect for people who want to be bores at home, let me tell you.

"Oh, you want to stay at home? Come on, you've got nothing to do at home, just go out with us." 

"What are you doing this Friday night? Staying at home? So boring." 

"It's not like you've got anything better to do anyway, you might as well do this." 


I've been told all those things for close to a decade now, and guess who doesn't have fun when she's dragged out to an event she doesn't want to go to, which also makes the person who dragged her out feel pissed off as well because she's not having fun, even though she explicitly said SHE DOES NOT WANT TO GO?

Yes, it's me.

Like, I have to work all day and deal with people, and it makes me NOT want to deal with people afterwards. If I want to stay at home and read, I *get* to stay at home and read, and it's the best thing I get to do all day, thank you very much (basically, not deal with people).

It's not that I hate socialising. I can do it if I have to. I can put my best face on and be absolutely charming and make sure everyone is having a good time. Heck, I can be having a good time too. Afterwards, however? It's me, myself, and I time, when I RECOVER all the energy that was drained during the socialising session.

I'm not good in crowds.

I'm not good with loud noises.

I rarely go to parties, and if I do, I leave early or hang out with the pets.

When I'm hiking and there's a large group of people chattering loudly behind me, I hike even quicker to escape the noise. Otherwise, I let them pass first for a long time before I make a move, all just so that I can listen to the sounds of the hills rather than them.

If that makes me "boring", so be it. I love being boring for many reasons, which are: 

1) I Enjoy My Own Company (when many can't)

You know, it's understandable that we crave to bond with people. I do, too, and I'm fortunate to have friends that I love hanging out with.

I just think that there should be more emphasis on bonding with yourself, and learning to enjoy your own company. After all, YOU are the person you spend the most time with.

Honestly, I rarely get bored when I have my me time, though I know many others who do i.e. "I have nothing to do this weekend!". I only get bored when I'm stuck with chores I don't really want to do. ๐Ÿ˜‚

There's nothing I like better than to have a quiet day in,  drink tea, pamper my face with my skincare routine, and either a) watch a TV show all day, b) read/ write all day, c) play a game all day, and d) just not talk to anyone all day.

I'm very comfortable in my own presence - some may say, TOO comfortable, which I also partly agree. I agree that I can't get too comfortable like this all the time. ๐Ÿ˜‚

My lifestyle may be boring, and people may say things like "life is what happens when you stay in bed", BUT I'm happy with a non-happening life, so...


2) I Save a Lot of Money

A boring lifestyle can actually burn a whole in your wallet, especially with Internet shopping for your hobbies *backs away slowly from BookDepository*.

I'm not out there burning RM10,000.00 on alcohol for a party, though, so I think I save more in this regard.

I also don't have RM10,000 to burn like that, but never mind, with this boring lifestyle that I like where I just need the Internet, Netflix, and other streaming sites to pass the time, I'm saving money... until I go on holiday.



3) I Know My Close Friends Adore Me For My Charming Character and Nothing Else ๐Ÿ˜‚

I know my friends like me for who I am, because they've been in my life for many years. I've nothing to offer them but my charming personality and great character. I don't have a fun lifestyle, but the best part?

We all like the same lifestyle.

In fact, we all do the same things I usually do when I'm at home, except now it's in a group and we're all watching a show, or playing Overcooked, or something.

The best thing we do outdoors is, literally, to go see animals. Nobody attempts to ask me to go clubbing, or to stay up all night.

"Oh, it's 10PM already? Okay guys it's time to call it a night, it's been great, love you, bye, see you next month." 

^literally something I've said before.

I've been told, though, that while my lifestyle is boring, my character isn't, so maybe THAT'S the secret to keeping friends when you love living a boring life - be able to rant, make sarcastic jokes, and come up with stupid puns most of the time.

See? I'm charming. Told you.


4) My "Boring" Lifestyle Has People Telling Me I Look Like a College Student

I've seen people my age who have aged quite a bit in terms of their physical appearances, thanks to not getting their beauty sleep, the drinking they've done, the excess of late-night suppers, and not getting enough exercise.

MEANWHILE, I was just told last month that I totally did not look like I was in my late 20s at all.

My secret, guys, is a boring routine lifestyle, with 8 hours of beauty sleep, plenty of water,  and daily exercise.


5) I Appreciate the "Exciting" Moments of my Life Even More

Familiarity breeds contempt, and it applies to almost everything.

Like, if you go out to restaurants on a daily basis, you start to think that this is normal, and you don't appreciate restaurant visits as much anymore.

While I am perfectly comfortable living a boring life, there will definitely be moments when I feel like I need a change from the routine. So when something "new" and "exciting" happens, I feel like I appreciate it much more than if it usually happens on a daily basis.


I've been told that life is 98% boring and 2% exciting, and I used to be terrified about this. Like, what is the point of living if it's boring, right?

I grew up thinking life had to be FUN, FUN, FUN all the time. I thought that FUN would happen once I left school, wasn't forced to study all the subjects I had to study, and wasn't forced to obey stupid rules that adults made up for kids.

Obviously, I just ended up disappointed, because now I have to obey stupid rules adults made up for other adults in order to make a living.

Now it's the other non-forced boring parts of life that makes me happy, as well as appreciating even more the exciting moments when they come (HOLIDAYS!).

6) "Boring" Means Stability, Which I Love

Having been an unwilling participant in dramas that life has thrown at me for fun, I now completely and utterly feel that I would take a boring life anytime over pointless adult drama people make up just to add excitement to their lives.

I'd rather just watch Korean dramas and see their lives revolve around it, rather than mine...


... because a happy ending isn't always guaranteed.

Currently, if I could change anything about my life, it'd probably be more financial security, to live in a studio apartment that I own (because I want my Muji interior life!), and to go on more holidays... but my current lifestyle of just staying in and being "boring"?

That will probably stay no matter how old I get.

I just wish that I had learned to love being boring years ago, instead of trying to force myself to be someone I'm not - excitingly popular.

Cheers to a "boring" life! ๐Ÿฅ‚