What to Eat in CentralWorld Mall, Bangkok

When people I know go to Bangkok, I see that they go to a lot of food places that are located pretty far apart in Bangkok.

Not this tourist.

For a short trip of 3 days 2 nights, I didn't want to spend too much time on the roads. By choosing to stay in Novotel Platinum (right next to Platinum Fashion Mall!), I limited my choices to just that area too... and in my case, this meant food places at the CentralWorld mall, which my hotel room overlooked. 

Here's a chronological list of what I ate and drank in CentralWorld specifically, starting with:

1. Tom Yum Fish Noodle Soup @ Apinara Thai Cuisine and Bar

When I arrived at Novotel Platinum at 2:40PM or so, I was starving! 

It was my first true introduction as to how horrendous Bangkok traffic was - I left the airport at 1:10PM, and my car ride into the city lasted ALMOST as long as my flight to Bangkok was. Blergh. 

After waiting for M to complete some work (also, hello adult life, when you go on holiday but still have to work) and also demolishing a small packet of chips (which was my work), we walked to CentralWorld, a mere 2-3 minutes away by the Skywalk bridge.

I was slightly surprised that we had to enter metal detectors at each mall (and at each station), but with the amount of bombings reported in the past 5 years, I guess they can no longer be carefree.

As a TripAdvisor enthusiast, I found Apinara had generally good reviews, so off I went to the Groove section of CentralWorld where a few restaurants were located.

As it turns out, I would be spending a lot of time in this section over the next 3 days...

Apinara was pretty empty when I arrived, it being 3PM+ and all. I would have been deterred if I had just looked at it from the outside, but bolstered by the reviews, both M and I went in.

Service was definitely catered to tourists such as myself, with the menu also in English. Between the both of us, we managed the following:

Pad Thai Fried Rice, and my favourite...


This tom yum was warm, and the fish was tender. I don't normally like mushrooms, too, but I ate the button mushrooms in this bowl up (maybe I was just hungry) - the tom yum and mushroom mixture was pleasing to my appetite. It's not spicy, perhaps to accommodate those of us who could not handle our spice.

I would have this again when I find myself back in Thailand - the soup was cleaned out, a sign that we both liked it.

The love for tom yum continued the next day, with...

2) Tom Yum Soup at Isan & Grill by Baanying 

The shrimp was just okay, but the soup. THE SOUP. It was spicy and piping hot and flavourful and all the things I loved about tom yum soup. I couldn't stop drinking this for a late lunch.

In fact, most of my lunch that day was liquid (having had buffet at the hotel beforehand).

Slightly before this, I also went to Starbucks at Centralworld (the largest Starbucks in Thailand). Specifically, I went to try the Starbucks Reserve Bar, and the drinks they made there...

3) Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks 

I am not normally fond of coffee, but chocolate in coffee makes it more bearable, signified by the fact I finished drinking this.

Of course, I was also shocked by the fact I paid so much for a cup of coffee, but anyway...

In hindsight, it really wasn't the best thing to consume so much liquid (especially tom yum soup...) before a two hour massage, but... I HAVE NO REGRETS.

Later that night, to celebrate M's birthday, we dressed up to eat...

4) Spaghetti with Crab Meat in Prawn Cream, Shrimp Cakes, and Fish & Chips at Greyhound Café

Once again, we find ourselves back in Groove, if not in the groove.

My apologies.

At Greyhound Café, I was tempted into trying fish and chips in Bangkok. Fish and chips in Kuala Lumpur is... mostly mediocre, and I wanted to know if Bangkok could do the dish justice.

M went for the Spaghetti with Crab Meat in Prawn Cream, and we decided to share Shrimp Cakes.

First dish to arrive was bread with butter. Being ravenous as I was, since my lunch was mostly liquid, I quickly ate the bread. It was pretty good (again, could be the hunger talking)! The dishes arrived shortly after...

I recommend the Spaghetti with Crab Meat in Prawn Cream. From the one bite I had, it tasted pretty good.

This was also pretty decent. Not something I feel like I need to order again, but averagely decent.


If "Disappointing Food" was a dictionary, I will submit this picture.

It's Bangkok. I thought Bangkok was supposed to do seafood well (WAS I MISTAKEN?). Instead, the fish in this dish had such an overpowering fishy smell, I basically drowned it in ketchup to disguise the taste.

The fries were crunchy, and that's the only good thing I have to say about this dish of disappointment.

Was this my punishment for eating something else other than Thai food on my Thailand trip? WAS IT?

Never again.


I miss Australian fish and chips. Sigh.

5) "Rainbow on Ice" in KIN HEY by Greyhound Café

On the 3rd and final day, I didn't have Thai main dishes too. Oops.

Instead, I got a Thai dessert.

It was just UNBEARABLY hot, and after walking from Novotel Platinum all the way to Siam (which, by the way, I do not feel is worth going at all) and back to Centralworld again, I just wanted DESSERT.

So upon popping into KIN HEY by Greyhound Café (ALSO in Groove), I quickly ordered the dessert named "Rainbow on Ice", in LARGE.

This is the before version...

... and this is the version I had after sprinkling several different coloured sauces on that finely shaved milk ice.

This is definitely a dessert made for the Instagram crowd. With the six sauce bottles provided, the most popular ones were the pink and blue ones. Personally, though, I favoured the palm sugar sauce (brown). For a hot day of 33 Celsius degrees, this was AMAZING.

In hindsight, I'm a little bit in disbelief that I was so unadventurous in Bangkok. Usually, I'd have researched a bunch of places beforehand to visit and eat at, which I also did for this trip.

However, I ended up at none of those eateries, especially after experiencing Bangkok traffic. I COULD have figured out how to use public transport and probably be faster, but I JUST didn't want to think and figure things out during this trip. It was already an ordeal trying to get to the dog café, which looked so near in Google Maps and ended up being... well, far thanks to Bangkok traffic.

I'm glad that Centralworld had such nice restaurants for those who feel lazy on their vacations, like me. I don't feel like going back to Greyhound Café (the fish and chips were truly dreadful) in Bangkok ever, BUT at the very least, the tom yum was good.

For a short trip where I was literally only in Bangkok for a maximum of 50 hours, with the main itinerary being a dog café and massage at a spa, I guess this was as good as it gets.

Next time, though...

*eyes Thonglor*