Rottnest, Western Australia [April 2018]

By the time April 2018 rolled around, life had tired me out so tremendously that I just wanted to go somewhere where:

a) I did NOT have to do anything except eat and sleep, and
b) just relax and not think of anything.

It was a good thing, then, that I booked a trip to Perth, Western Australia, all the way back in December 2017.

Honestly, I had grand plans of wanting to go up north to swim with whale sharks, but after looking at the prices, I have once again decided that Australia is too expensive for the likes of me (and for most Australians, probably).

I spent most of my 6 days in Perth just lazing around in my friend`s apartment and in the city, mostly eating my way around the areas that were close to the apartment. The only day I ventured away from Perth was the day I went to Rottnest.

I have stayed in Western Australia for 2.5 years, and yet never been to Rottnest before.

The travesty.

I HAD to rectify this, so on 23rd April 2018, I ventured out to Rottnest. The seas were choppy that day, and I thought I was going to puke at several points during the half-hour ferry ride.

Then, as soon as I got off the ferry, it started to rain.

Thanks, Rottnest.

I had plans to ride on a tandem bike, but then as we got to the bike rental shed, they told us that the tandem bikes were all rented out.


I had no choice but to also get my own bike. I hadn't ridden a bike in probably 2 decades at this point, and I pretty much wobbled and kept stopping as soon as I felt scared of falling... which was pretty much once every minute.


It turns out it IS true that you never forget how to ride a bike, though, because 30 minutes later I finally got used to balancing on the bike and could cycle "normally", albeit slowly.

By the end of the day my inner thighs ACHED. That bike seat is totally and utterly cushion-less, and it hurt to sit down.


In any case.

People go to Rottnest for pretty much two reasons:

a) to chill at the beach, and
b) to see quokkas, which are marsupials that live ONLY on this island.

I got to do lots of b) over the course of the day! The further I cycled into the less-crowded parts of the island, the more curious the quokkas were about us.

A quokka on my first Quokka Pit Stop!

We noticed these quokkas hiding in the bushes, and got off our bikes to go say hi. It didn't take them too long to come out of the bushes to greet us too! I'm pretty sure they were trying to sniff for food, except I wouldn't feed wildlife even if I had food on me. They were SO CUTE THOUGH.


I was so glad that the weather perked up as the morning went on, leading to glorious sights like this.

The sights in Rottnest were soothing to my soul, especially when there were no others around.

I would have loved to just sit on the beach and chill for long, except that it was school holidays in Perth. I was ecstatic to have found an empty beach, and just sat there taking pictures and looking at the sea, when...

...entire families came by to play on the beach, shattering the peaceful silence I had for about 10 minutes.


I would love to go back to Rottnest when it`s off-peak season again. The island was calming in many ways. It was nice to not think of anything except to cycle to the next destination, whenever we wanted to.

The proximity of the town, with its snacks and ice-cream, helped boosted my mood too!

I would definitely recommend a visit to Rottnest for anyone visiting Western Australia. Be nice to the quokkas, and take it from me, INVEST IN BIKE SEAT GEL PADS. You won't regret that.