DisneySea: Birthday Edition

People who know me well will know I have a thing about hyping up my birthdays. You can attempt to annoy me on all other days, and I will be agitated before letting it go... eventually.


Annoy me on my birthday, however, and woe betide you. I will remind you for the rest of your life how you ruined this specific birthday when it was supposed to be a day celebrating, well, me.

So yes.

In order to avoid being annoyed by people who irritate me usually, I do not throw parties or have anything so attention-seeking in a crowd of people. I try to go on holidays with select few people who I know will not annoy me. Failing that, I lock myself up in my room and just read the day away by me, myself, and I.

This year, the latter did not happen.

Sometime last year I decided that this year I will be spending my birthday in Japan. It is my birthday gift to myself, rather than spending a huge amount of money on a party where no one really cares about me anyway... and I still have to look after their feelings, ugh.

I am such a misanthrope.

One of my closest university friends who I see about once every two years now (SIGH AT INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP'S DISTANCES) also decided to join me on a five day girl's trip in Tokyo. She was also fairly receptive to spending my birthday at one of my favourite places in Japan, despite not being such a big fan of the brand as I am.


Thank you. So, on one of my best birthdays since entering my 20s... I went to celebrate it at Tokyo DisneySea with a close friend.

I have been to both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea before, and let me tell you, DisneySea far surpasses Disneyland in my regard. From architecture to the laidback vibe and attractions, I love DisneySea way more than I do Disneyland. Luckily this year my birthday fell on a Tuesday with no school holidays or public holidays, and so crowds remained bearable this time around too.

It was kind of gloomy on my birthday, but luckily there was minimal rain. This is the entrance of DisneySea, with the huge globe spinning in front.

I also got a birthday sticker. Shamelessly I went to the ticket counter, and told the counter girl that it was my birthday, so I would like the birthday sticker, thank you very much.

The power of the sticker is such that when DisneySea staff members see you, they will wish you a happy birthday cheerily. Sometimes the characters will also pick you out to take pictures with you first, if they see it.

They do not check if it really is your birthday, but I hope people who want to go to DisneySea will not abuse the Disney spirit by lying about it.

The 'centerpiece' of DisneySea is the volcano and lake, which one can see as soon as you walk in through the entrance. The parades take place on the lake, giving many people ample space to see the characters and intricate boats on the water. My favourite parade takes place right on this lake at night.

DisneySea has seven themed areas, with the lake located in the Mediterranean Harbour. It takes on an Italian feel, with Italian restaurants in the area. I honestly prefer the snacks in Disney resorts to the actual food, however. Too much lining up to eat expensive pale imitations of good food, though the decor is nice.

That day, I walked around DisneySea in an anticlockwise circle. Having been here before, I was less concerned with taking rides and more into soaking in the laidback atmosphere and vibe. Still, the crowds that day were significantly small, and so I enjoyed getting into rides like '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' and 'Sinbad's Storybook Voyage' in under 30 minutes.

My favourite attraction in DisneySea, by the way, is Mermaid Lagoon, which is right after Mysterious Island, the area with the volcano. Even though the Disney story of The Little Mermaid irritates me (she's 16, and therefore is a brat that put her entire kingdom in danger for an admittedly nice man, but surely no man is worth going to a sea witch that hates your king father's guts?), the interior décor of Mermaid Lagoon is absolutely eye-catching.

Mermaid Lagoon is really targeted at small children, and adults who are really children on the inside. They have a multitude of 'cute' rides like bobbing up and down slowly on jellyfishes, teacup rides, and swing rides.

The swing ride was memorable, mostly because the staff member manning the swing ride said "We have a special guest today and it's her birthday, everyone say happy birthday!"

See, this is an example of not being irritated on my birthday by strangers. ;)

Unfortunately the one attraction I wanted to see in Mermaid Lagoon, the 'Mermaid Lagoon Theatre', was closed that day for renovations. Sigh. DisneySea's best attractions, mind you, are not the rides. Their best attractions are their shows, such as the 'The Magic Lamp Theatre' in the Arabian Coast, 'Mermaid Lagoon Theatre' in Mermaid Lagoon, 'Broadway Music Theatre' in American Waterfront, and so on.

After Mermaid Lagoon, we went to see the 'Magic Lamp Theatre', which is located next to Mermaid Lagoon. I honestly adore the architecture at this place - each place has buildings that fit the mood of the themed area perfectly. The above picture is taken at Arabian Coast.

DisneySea is always so clean, which is a plus point.

After the 'Magic Lamp Theatre' we went to the Lost River Delta area, and on the way passed by a few characters from Aladdin.

It's, by the way, extremely hard to get the attention of characters if you are not a child. We stood around in front of Jafar for about 10 minutes before giving up. I believe it was hard for Jafar to see in front of him as well, being that tall.

Still, we managed to snap this rather adorable picture of Jafar and a tiny Jasmine.

Although tiny Jasmine is fraternizing with the enemy, so to speak. I wish there was a real life Aladdin there, for, um, reasons.

In DisneySea,the most thrilling ride I am willing to take here is the Indiana Jones Adventure ride in Lost River Delta. It took me less than 30 minutes to get in, something that was impossible before.

There is also a greeting trail in the Lost River Delta, where you can meet Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald. I did not go in until the evening, and so I could only take pictures with Minnie after a long wait.

A conversation with Minnie on my birthday:

*Minnie points at my shirt and starts making pawing motions*

Disney staff member: "The kitty is cute isn't it Minnie?"

*Minnie nods*

Me: "The kitty is cute? Am I cute too, Minnie?"

*Minnie nods even more enthusiastically while my friend throws me a dirty look*

The end. 

It was worth it.

We walked past the Port Discovery area and ended up in American Waterfront, where we rushed to catch a session of 'Broadway Music Theatre'.

On this trip, I somehow seemed to be broadcasting maternal feelers. Nothing else explains why babies kept smiling at me on this trip. I ended up sitting next to a small, perhaps six month old baby in the theatre, and he kept smiling at me and touching me. While I was in Lost River Delta, a one year old kid kept smiling at me from the end of the bench where I was seated too.

Well, I much prefer babies smiling at me rather than creeps, so I will take this.

I also ran into Scrooge McDuck. He was also into the babies and also the ducks.

Oh yes, there are ducks in DisneySea, particularly in the American Harbour and Port Discovery area. I love running after them too.

DisneySea is great for taking pictures with beautiful backgrounds as props. After that, we headed to Mystery Island and had some Mickey churros (best churros ever) while waiting for Fantasmic! to start.

Fantasmic!, by the way, is that all time favourite night parade in DisneySea.


It is a visual delight of lights and pyrotechnics to music, and leaves viewers with a fuzzy feeling in their hearts and stomachs. It may even induce you to cry, even if you are watching it for the second time in your life.

Okay, that may be just me.

This is just a taste of what Fantasmic! is about, and does the show no justice. It takes place on the lake, and you will stare at the entire display practically slack-jawed to its end.

After Fantasmic! ended, we left the theme park, not willing to spend more on the food inside for dinner. Theme park food, you know. I am sure there are decent offerings inside for an expensive price, but if I can get better food outside, I might as well.

And I did.

Ichiran ramen, thank you very much.

More satisfying and cheaper than any theme park food at filling up the tummy, I assume. I heard Magellans was good, but the price is apparently doubly so as well.

Apart from the lack of eating, DisneySea this year was another beautiful memory, and I am thankful I decided to go to DisneySea for my birthday.

 Next time, I hope I'll get to stay at Hotel MiraCosta and eat at Magellans, once I can justify spending that kind of money.


Perhaps for my 30th birthday? ;)