Osaka, Foodie Heaven

Short, but mouthwatering blog post! 

Unfortunately I only spent a day in Osaka due to time and geographical constraints from moving all over the place, but it was a day well-spent in Shinsaibashi, the heart of Osaka. 

There was shopping of clothes and beauty products, all of which I loved, but most importantly...

I finally got my omusoba (and 2nd) okonomiyaki fix! 

Omusoba is short for omelette soba, and okonomiyaki, which is basically 'anything that goes well in a pile of batter'. 

M and I were at a restaurant named Ajinoya, located at 1-7-16, Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0076. You're welcome.

Look at the yolk, and the cabbage, and the prawns, and the bacon, and how everything comes together on this beauty. <3

The aftermath, before adding the fish flakes and mayonnaise. <3

And the omusoba makes an appearance on the grill, having been fried beforehand.


Two pieces of heaven, I'm telling you. Mouth-watering, grilled-to-perfection heaven.



This perfectly wrapped soba noodles, wrapped underneath a layer of fried egg, with mayonnaise and ketchup.


I just miss Osaka's food so much right now.

If you read this and you do not have omusoba and okonomiyaki in Osaka, you're heartless. Or visual tastebud-less. Something.